Abu Safwan farooqui Nadwi

Abu Safwan
From India
Living in India

  • Type : 1:1 Course |
  • Speaks: English,Arabic,Urdu/Hindi
  • Teaches: Letters from Scratch,Beginners Arabic,Intermediate Arabic,Advanced Arabic,Quranic Arabic,Conversational Arabic,Grammar Studies,Poetry Studies,University Level,Business Arabic,Arabic Tuition for School,Reading from scratch,Qaida (step-by-step reading book),Tajweed (Rules of Quran Reading),Hifz (Quran memorization),Reading (Correct your recitation),Tafseer (Quran Explanation),Golf Arabic

About Me

Assalamou alaykum! I am Abu Safwan from India. I am a online Quran- and Arabic teacher since a long time. I am an Imam alhamdou li Allah and I am Hafiz of the noble Quran since I was 11 years old. and aalim (scholar) as well in islamc shariyah I have an Ijaza (Quran-Exam) in the reading style of Hafs. I can teach in English, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi language. I hold 1on1 lessons with students as well as group-courses. Join my classes and learn the noble Quran with correct Tajweed or learn the Arabic language with my simple and easy method. You have further questions? Just write me a message over the MyMoon message-button and I will come back to you very soon! Looking forward to hearing form you!



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