Hafsa Batta

Teacher Hafsa
From Algeria
Living in Algeria

  • Type : 1:1 Course |
  • Speaks: English,Arabic,French
  • Teaches: Letters from Scratch,Beginners Arabic,Intermediate Arabic,Advanced Arabic

About Me

Assalam alaikum, welcome everyone. I'm Hafsa, Algerian teacher of Arabic language. Do you dream of becoming fluent in the Arabic language? You read, write, we have what you need: A specially distinguished program that is in harmony with your free time with Arab teacher for all levels starting from the first level _Affordable price for everyone. _A specific and proportional time chosen by each person. _ Free extra hours. -A gift at the end of each stage of study. Feel free to contact me



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Latifa Balqis Mbarek

Nice teacher ma sha Allah! She is very engaged and she has so much passion to teach the little ones proper Arabic ma sha Allah!