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About Me

Al-Salam Alikom This is Asmaa Abdullah, am a Quraan, tajweed and tafseer teacher, It’s not my career it’s my hobby, Being a quraan teacher is a grant from Allah swt, I entered this field because of my extremely passion for Quran And Tajweed science, my students feedbacks always lead them and their parents to nominate me to their friends Alhmdollalh, Tafseer of the quraan is literally my addiction, Am famous for the patient teacher among my managers, I never forgot that all of that is a greaat bless from my lord, I always emphasize on dealing with my session as It’s your bridge Insha’Allah to the heaven and to strengthen your relationship between you and your creator, Quraan is not a subject, Quraan is a worldly science, everlasting, your partner in this life and the hereafter. Notice that I always offer a free trial Good day



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