mohamed samy

mohamed samy
From Egypt
Living in Egypt

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About Me

I am Mohamed Samy from Egypt, I graduated from Dar-alaLoum faculty Cairo University, I have a bachelor’s degree of Arabic language and Islamic studies, I have a Diploma in education and I have three years experience in teaching Arabic language. I memorized the whole Quran and I have two IjAZA in narration Hafs, I have eight years experience in teaching Quran. Many people saying it's so hard to learn Arabic language and Quran recitation, but I wanna tell you"secret" : believe in abilities of Allah. believe in yourself, believe in your abilities . Believe in me, step by step you will be fluent, you will be able to read Arabic and Quran only after 3 sessions, this is a promise, asking me about that promise after 3 sessions. But, that promise depending on your efforts to do my orders . At the beginning it will not be easy I will not lie, but quickly you will impressed Insha'Allah . new and innovative method,s, at the comfort of your place. Waiting you, don't waste your time. Learn,play,enjoy. Get a Trial Quran, Arabic Class Today!



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Khwaja Ayyub Nasarullah

Ustad Mohamed Samy is very calm, polite and patient when it comes to teaching arabic pronounciation to my son. He has number of years of experience in teaching Quran and he knows the correct methods and rules of recitation.