Tanvir Mohammad Azam

Ustad Tanvir Mohammad
From United Kingdom
Living in United Kingdom

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  • Speaks: English,Urdu,Punjabi,Arabic
  • Teaches: Quranic Arabic

About Me

I have followed my passion, sharing my love for Al Quran, for over 10 years now. I have extensive background in teaching, I have taught in various educational establishments in England for the last 20 years As a retired teacher, my main aim is to teach children and adults how to read the Arabic Quran with correct pronunciation [Tajweed} as well as helping them to memorise the Quran in a systematic way. I look forward to working with My Moon and hope to contribute positively to their aims and objectives. I have been teaching in schools colleges and other educational establishments since 1995 after gaining the City and Guilds of London Institute 7307 [The Further and Adult Education Teacher’s Certificate] I have valuable experience of teaching and supporting students from a wide range of backgrounds and ages, which has given me the skills and expertise of managing their learning in an effective and successful way. I have excellent administration, communication, organisation and interpersonal skills, which are necessary for any teaching job. I have completed a counselling course, which has given me an insight into people’s behaviours, and attitudes and I can relate well with all kinds of people in an empathetic and caring way. I am a mature, honest, hardworking and enthusiastic individual who has liaised with many professional people in educational establishments therefore can deal with many difficult and challenging situations in a calm and patient way. I enjoy working within a team as well as on my own initiative. I have an excellent command of the English Language both spoken and written and am fluent in Urdu and Punjabi.



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