Saeed Alhawaty

Saeed Ibrahim
From Egypt
Living in Egypt

  • Type : 1:1 Course |
  • Speaks: English,Arabic
  • Teaches: Quranic Arabic,Conversational Arabic,Egyptian Arabic

About Me

My name is Saeed Ibrahim, a native Arabic speaker from Egypt. I am a certified teacher of the Qur'an, Tajweed, and Arabic. I have been teaching the Arabic & the Quran online for 2 years. I memorize the whole Qur'an with Tajweed. I have a certificate in memorizing the entire Quran from Saudi Arabia and another one from Al-Azhar in Egypt. I have an I’jaza of memorizing the entire Qur’an, by heart, with a riwayah [narration] of Hafs from Asim. I have 2-years of experience in Teaching Arabic, Qur'an, and Tajweed. I have great experience in dealing with children and adults so I have many students from different countries around the world. I am eligible to manage the class professionally using effective and interactive methods. I am very supportive of my students and very patient with them. Do not hesitate to have an enjoyable experience in learning the Quran and Arabic. You will be very happy and pleased with me InshaaAllah.



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Classes per week: 16 Classes duration: Minutes $90.00

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Classes per week: 12 Classes duration: Minutes $80.00

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