For students:

Scroll through our ‘Teachers List’ and see if there’s someone you’d like to learn from. Most of the teachers put up their recitation in the profile which you can listen to, and also watch their introduction videos. Each teacher’s profile has their information, including their Ijazahs (Quran-Exams), Certificates and CV. After selecting a teacher, you can either subscribe to one of their group courses or book a private lesson with them. Choose the class/classes you want to take and the timings that suit you. Once you’ve booked the lessons with the teacher, they’ll be notified and will be ready for the class at the scheduled time.
At the time of your session, just log in to your ‘Student account’. You will see the next session in the upcoming courses list. Just click on “join now” and the virtual MyMoon classroom will open Insha’Allah. Watch this video to see how to book a class easily.
The objective of MyMoon is to reunite the Ummah (Global Muslim community) and spread the knowledge of The Qur’an among the Muslims. For this reason, when we made this platform, it was crucial for us to keep it absolutely neutral. This is also the reason why we teach “only” The Qur’an and Arabic, as they are essential to take us back to the roots of Islam. The Qur’an is a part of our faith and Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, so by learning these we can connect with the roots of our deen more deeply. We are aware of the different opinions and viewpoints within the Muslim community and respect them all. Everyone is welcome to learn and benefit from MyMoon and we make sure that the core values of MyMoon are carried throughout our platform.
You will not find Islamic Studies as a subject on MyMoon. The reason for this is that there are many schools of thought in our religion. Our goal is to unite the Ummah (Global Muslim community) and reconnect it with the pure source: The book of Allah – The Qur’an and its language, Arabic. However, if you want your child to learn basic Islamic principles like “How to pray”, or “the 5 pillars of Islam” within the lesson, just speak to your teacher if she/he is happy to include it. Keep in mind though that here are certain differences in opinion about these topics too so make sure to discuss it with the teacher in advance Check out all the subjects we teach here.
All of our MyMoon Qur’an teachers are assessed for qualification and experience, so their recitation is correct Insha’Allah and they are able to explain the rules accurately. Choose any teacher whose profile you like, and if you’re not happy with the first lesson, your credit will be returned to your e-wallet and you can try another teacher Insha’Allah. You can use this credit to book other lessons or courses. If you still can’t decide, take a look at our “recommended by MyMoon” batch or check out the teacher recommendations on the Home Page.
MyMoon takes the safety of children very seriously. We verify all our teachers and cross check their information to safeguard the students. All our classes are recorded and monitored so that we can keep an eye on the lessons. We do random checks as well, and if there is any issue, we address it immediately. In case of any disturbing or alarming activity, please notify us immediately by clicking on the ‘report button’ at the end of your class.
Yes, we verify every teacher. We speak to them and go through relevant identification documents to check their identity. Teachers are also assessed in their relevant subjects. For example; a Tajweed teacher or a Qur’an recitation teacher goes through an assessment in which our MyMoon Scholars carefully test their knowledge and skills to see if they can deliver the classes correctly in the particular subject and language of instruction.
MyMoon pays 75% of the money you pay to your teacher. If you are paying $10, your teacher receives $7.50 Insha’Allah. The rest of the money is used for different causes: -Charity -Further development/improvement of the MyMoon website and app -Creating new free material and books for learning -Income for the MyMoon staff
In such a case, please contact us immediately. It doesn’t matter if the issue is big or small, we will do our best to resolve it. Sometimes, a small misunderstanding or miscommunication can create problems; nevertheless, we will take it seriously Insha’Allah. If any such event occurs, please bring it to our notice immediately by clicking on the ‘Report button’.
MyMoon is an ongoing project. We are continuously improving and adding to it for the benefit of our students and teachers. You can donate for the development of our website and app. All of these will be a Sadaqah jariyah for your afterlife as you are investing in spreading the authentic knowledge of Qur’an and Arabic Insha’Allah. To make donations, please use one the following link: (Payment page)

For teachers:

It’s pretty simple. Click on the “Teach on MyMoon” tab at the top bar of the MyMoon Home page and fill in the form with all your data. Once your account is created, you can set up your profile. If you’re applying to teach Arabic, you can start accepting bookings and begin teaching right away. However, if you want to teach Qur’an-related subjects (Tajweed/Qaida/Tafseer/…), you will need to go through an assessment for Quran-teachers first. Just apply for an assessment in your teacher’s account to upgrade your profile. You can edit your profile any time and upload your certificates, Ijazahs, and much more. Mention your available timings in the calendar and once your profile is published, you’ll start receiving bookings Insha’Allah.
Yes, for a small fee, we do provide assistance to teachers and help them improve their profile content/text. We can also advice you regarding your pictures and videos Insha’Allah. If you require this assistance, please contact our customer service.
That’s completely up to you! As a MyMoon teacher, you can choose the charges for your private sessions, group-courses or video-courses. We recommend you to take a look at what other teachers with a comparable experience and teaching level are charging for their lessons. Your prices must be set in line with the benefit that the students are getting from your lessons.
MyMoon gives you 75% of the money that your student pays. That means if your student pays $10, you will receive $7.50 Insha’Allah. The rest of the money is used for different causes: -Charity -Further development/improvement of the MyMoon website and app -Creating new free material and books for learning -Income for the MyMoon staff
No. You are free to choose your own timings, whether it is just an hour a week or more than an hour throughout the week. Whatever number of hours or days you choose is your preference and you’re not required to stick to a pre-set schedule. Just give your availability in your calendar.
Record a video-course Go to the video-course section and upload the video Start selling your course Simple as that! Watch our helpful video on how to create a video course.
If you initially registered as a teacher for other subjects, like Arabic, and you want to start teaching Qur’an, you need to apply in your profile by clicking the button “upgrade my profile”. We will then contact you for the timing of your Tajweed assessment. In the assessment, one of our MyMoon Shuyukh will listen to your recitation and ask you some questions about Tajweed. The purpose of this is to make sure that you are able to recite without mistakes and that you can explain the basic rules of Tajweed correctly in the language(s) of your choice.
Yes. We test every single teacher even if they already have an Ijazah or have memorized the whole Qur’an.
Yes. It is our policy to test every single teacher, whether they have experience in teaching the Qur’an online or not.
Yes, you can. It is not compulsory for our teachers to be a Hafiz of the whole Qur’an. As long as you can read correctly and are able to explain the rules of Tajweed, you can teach Qur’an on MyMoon Insha’Allah.
No. An Ijazah is not compulsory to teach Qur’an on MyMoon. As long as you can read correctly and are able to explain the rules of Tajweed, you can teach Qur’an on MyMoon Insha’Allah.
There is an option of a paid ad which shows your profile on top of the teacher’s list. We can help you with this only if your profile meets certain criteria. It’s best to contact us for this!
Yes. We can help you with advertising for your courses either for a fee or in return for your help with the free courses for our social media marketing. Please contact us for this option.