The ‘Rise in Paradise’ Qur’an memorization project is for adults and children of all ages.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please read the following terms:

1.    To be eligible for participation, the participant should not have memorized any more than half of the Qur’an before entering the project.

2.    Participants must fill in the “Rise in Paradise’ application form to confirm their entry.

3.    Memorization of the Qur’an must be done with one of the MyMoon teachers in any Group or 1 to 1 Course.

4.    The participant must memorize the entire Qur’an with the teacher in their lessons. Memorization should be completed before 31.12.2025.

5.    Upon completion of memorization, both the participant and the teacher will attend a live ‘Rise in Paradise Qur’an memorization’ test session with the MyMoon Administration Team. The participant will be asked to recite a portion of the Qur’an or specific surahs on camera without using the earphones and with their eyes closed. The duration of the test will be between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the mistakes or repetitions in the recitation. After the participant is assessed, the teacher must testify that their student has memorized more than half of the Quran with them in their lessons. They must also confirm that the participant has read the entire Qur’an to them by heart.

6.    If the test is successfully completed, the participant will receive 2 flight tickets for Umrah, including a hotel stay for 2 people. Any additional costs will not be covered.

7.    All necessary paperwork, such as passport, medical examination and vaccination, etc., shall be taken care of by the participant.

8.    The time of the journey and provider will be chosen by MyMoon.



Terms and Conditions:

1. Before starting the Project the participant must have memorized less than half of the holy Quran

2. The project applies to adults and children of all ages

3. Upon memorizing the Quran and completing the “Rise in Paradise – memorization test” adults and children receive: 2 tickets for an Umrah (including flight and hotel for two persons). Any additional costs will not be covered.

4. The Quran must be memorized with one of our MyMoon teachers in any Group- or 1to1-Course

5. Before starting the project the person needs to fill in the “Rise in Paradise - application form”

6.  After finishing the memorization of the entire Quran Student AND Teacher need to join the “Rise in Paradise – memorization test” with our MyMoon Administration Team. The Student will be tested in the meeting and needs to recite with eyes closed and without earphones in front of the camera what she/he is tested in. The student will be given certain Ayat from the entire Quran that he/she needs to start reading from or will be asked to read certain Surah(s). The “Rise in Paradise – Memorization Test” will take 30-60 minutes. In the end of the test the MyMoon teacher needs to testify that the student has memorized more than half of the entire Quran through his/her lessons and that the student has read the entire Quran to him/her by heart within the lessons.

7. MyMoon will choose the time of the journey as well as the provider.

8. The student responsible to make sure that he/she meets all necessary precautions and requirements for the journey such as Passports, necessary vaccinations, etc…